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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  August 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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firefighters had to change their tactics at an overnight fire in san jose. we'll tell you why we have the latest on the investigation. also hurricane isaac now pounding new orleans on this seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. no one will move heaven and earth like mitt romney to make this country a better place to live. >> mitt romney's wife takes the stage at the republican national convention. how she may have given his campaign a huge boost. good morning, to you. welcome to a brand new day it's wednesday, august 29th i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook.
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thank you for joining us. steve paulson has the weather. pretty much the same as yesterday. >> yeah a little cooler by the coast. there is fog out there on the san mateo, santa cruz coastline. not a full moon yet. it will be this friday. which will mean once in a blue moon we will have two full moons this month. 60s and 70s and 80s. here is sal. j we have developing news in oakland. this is a fatality on the mccarthur boulevard west mccarthur boulevard onramp to 580 but it's also closing the eastbound 580. it's an investigation of a death. chp and oakland police are doing this investigation jointly. person reportedly fell from the street above down to that area here. they do have police tape. we will let you know. this secting the eastbound 50 off ramp. just after the mccarthur hear. at 6:01 this is a look at 24.
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westbound 24 traffic does move well from walnut creek to oakland. we have developing news in san jose where hazardous materials team had to be called to the scene of an early morning fire. it just began at a garden supply store. ktvu channel 2 reporter lorraine blanco has been more on why at one point firefighters turned off their hoses and let that building burn. love rain. >> reporter: pam because of the chemicals inside that was a safety measure. that plant nursery destroyed. firefighters will be out here for awhile making sure nothing reignites. they arrived a the the nursery here just before midnight. the commercial nursery was covered in flames and quick lin became a three alarm fire. there were a lot of pesticides and insecticides and fertilizer on site. the area manager tells us this
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was his home away from home and seeing it go up was heartbreaking. >> i think it's really personal with the customers. those are the ones i feel the hardest about. the employees will be taken care of and we will reopen. but i do feel sorry for the very loyal customers that have supported this store for 50 years. >> reporter: good news is there were no injuries. the cause of the fire is still under investigation this morning. coming up at 6:30 with all the chemicals stopping firefighters for awhile out here, is there any future danger to the surrounding area? we'll have what firefighters have to say about that. reporting live in san jose lorraine blanco. new this morning an elderly couple has been dysplastied by a fire in san francisco's richmond district. that happened just before 1:00 a.m. at a flat on 8th avenue near balboa. firefighters say it appears an electric call shortage in the wall sharked that fire. it was contained to the living room. the couple will not be able to return for a few days.
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they are staying with family. happening right now hurricane isaac it is slamming new orleans as well as the coastal areas of mississippi. lots of rain and powerful winds. in fact, we are there with this live camera. this is around lake pontchartrain. and this is a bad situation. a surge of water actually spilled over the top of a levee in a parish south of new orleans. plaquemines parish. some of the residents may be trapped in their houses. the conditions are too bad for rescuers to go in and try to get them out. isaac is also causing problems for low lying areas of mississippi. stay tuned. coming up in a couple minutes, we will bring you a live report from gulf court, mississippi. also in politics right now mitt romney's vice presidential running mate paul ryan will get his turn tonight in the spotlight at the republican national convention in tampa.
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our reporter renee marsh is live in tampa to talk about last nights to big headliners. >> reporter: one of last nights really big headlines was ann romney. she took to the stage to humanize her husband a and after that big speech she is not rest examining she is still out there advocating on behalf of her husband there. she is at a breakfast in tampa. talking to folk there is. she is right there at the mic. back here at the convention hall, all is quiet but you know the crowd went wild during both ann romney's speech and chris christies speech. >> we stand up for mitt romney as the next president of the united states and together -- [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie delivered the speech of the
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hour. >> mitt romney will tell us the hard things we need to hear. >> reporter: but the most anticipated speech of the evening may have been from mitt romney's wife ann. >> what a welcome. >> reporter: build as an attempt to show a personal side of the candidate, she shared personal experiences even their love story. bringing tears to the crowd. >> i can't tell you what will happen over the next four years, but i can only stand here tonight as a wife and a mother and a grandmother an american and make you this solemn commitment. this man will not fail. >> reporter: also touching on a weakness for the candidate and played to the female vote. >> it's the moms who have always had to work a little harder to make everything right. it's the moms at this nation single, married, widowed that really hold this country together. i love you women.
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>> reporter: taking center stage tonight will be paul ryan as well as condoleezza rice. there will be a number of other speakers but those two will be the headliners and then on thursday mitt romney will accept the nomination. >> make sure you stay right here for ktvu for continuing coverage of the republican national convention. we have been streaming the convention on our channel 2 website we will continue to bring you live reports from tampa through tomorrow. coming up on 6:07. it's been -- it's turn into a busy morning for traffic. let's check in with sal. >> it really has. and we've had a lot of slow traffic in some areas. let's start off and look at 80 freeway which is getting bizarre now as you -- busier now as you drive toward the mccarthur maze. the traffic is coming to the peak area point.
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should be the peak about 7:00. when you get to the bay bridge toll plaza the traffic is not quite filled in. they usually turn the metering lights on about 6:15. once you get that you get a bigger backup at the toll plaza. we also get a look at the freeways getting past union city to fremont it will be okay. the south bay off to a nice start. 87-101 we have a couple slow downs. for the most part you can still get a nice drive. it's 6:07 let's go to steve. thank you. let's take a look at isaac. it's very, very slow mover. northwest about 5-7 miles an hour. now once it moves inland it loses its energy source. if it continues to move this slow it may give more rain that. that is one of the big concerns here. not only with the wind but heavy rain and storm surge. 6-11 feet with that storm surge. once it moves inland it will bring big concerns there. once it always moves inlapped
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the wind will tail off rapidly. because it's move song slow, it's really heavy rain and tornadoes. there is the track as it begins to move north and weaken considerably. it will be a big rain producer for many. back home we have two travel clouds to the south. 47 napa air part. 43 outside of sonoma. 50s for most though. system will move into the north that is starting to make the impact on the coast with a little bit more fog. but for inland temps one more day of 80s and 90s. warmest we'll go antioch 93. danville 79. berkeley 72. 83 san jose. santa clara should say 82. 78 san mateo. half-moon bay 64. cooler for all. thursday, friday. kind of leveling off saturday. a little warmer on sunday. happening now hurricane isaac dumping a lot of rain on the gulf coast cities.
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there is concern about deep flooding in one louisiana parish imparticular where water is spilling over a levee. reporter george howell joins us now back in gulfport, mississippi where there is already flooding concerns. how does it look? >> reporter: pam, good morning. we are talking about flooding in low lying areas right here in gulfport. as you mentioned and in plaquemines parish. levee that was over topped. this system is staying overhead. as long as it stays overhead, we could be dealing with these conditions for some time. hurricane isaac came ashore tuesday night. the center of the storm moving over plaquemines parish, louisiana. it brought torrential rainfall and sustained winds of 81 miles an hour. the parish's president said the storm ripped a two foot hole in his roof. >> that is the same kind of damage we received on katrina. i'm blown away that kind of damage from this supposedly category one storm.
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>> reporter: gulf residents are weathering this storm rob the seven year anniversary of hurricane katrina. which left more than 1800 people dead and caused billions of dollars in damage. though new orleans is bert equipped to handle the storm surge mayor rich is asking citizens to stay vigilant. >> if this storm -- you have a potential for a lot of catastrophe and electrical outages. >> reporter: in mississippi the water has risen faster than expected. >> it is unbelievable toothy this water is up so high and it really hadn't rained here yet. >> reporter: isaac is moving slowly. which means some gulf residents could be experiencing hurricane or tropical storm conditions for a day or longer. now that levee that was over top there in plaquemines parish it was breeched during katrina. keep in mind it wasn't one of
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the levees that was overhauled. but a very important levee that officials are paying attention to right now. here in gulfport we are keeping a close eye on the storm surge. you see back there the gulf of mexico those white caps. possibility of a ten foot storm surge moving into this area. >> george howell live from gulfport, mississippi. he took us right flop time now 6:11. hijacking scare in amsterdam. we are keep track of this right now. we are hearing it was a case of miscommunication. it's still a mess out here in san francisco. you can see the sink hole that still remains in the san francisco intersection. we'll tell you what is is happening now. i was flat on my back. >> scary moments for a stockton woman. the reason she believes she contracted a deadly virus in joe semitee.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. new this morning a woman from stockton says she may have contracted hantavirus after visiting yosemite national park. >> by wednesday i was flat on my back. i couldn't get out of bad bed. i felt a huge heaviness in my chest. >> a blood test confirms she has antibodies for the hantavirus. a disease carried by rodents
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that can be fatal. they sent out an e-mail that camped from mid june to august. a funeral is being held this morning for the victim killed outside of the empire state building last week. police later shot and killed the gunman but also wounded -- but the gunman also wounded nine bystanders in the process. san francisco utility crews want to know what caused a giant sink hole and also ruptured two major water lines. it happened yesterday under sunny dale avenue. claudine wong is there at the sink hole and they have police guarding that sink hole as well. good morning. >> reporter: that is right, dave. they don't want anyone to get near this. obviously it's still very unstable. we don't know how long repairs will take. we don't know what caused this. we do know it's a mess out here on sunny dale avenue.
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estimates put it at about 40 feet. we walked up to the edge of it and saw just how deep this goes and the damage it's pretty remarkable when you take a look. the line of water actually went down this street right next to us. you can see there are still cars parked along that. they were in this water and really some of the folks still aren't back in their homes. it's unclear how they will get the cars out. they do have power and water. but this home closest to the actual hole that has already been reds tagged. pg&e you can see one of the vehicles out here that is providing some of the power to the neighborhood. everyone else is back on the grid. you can see the heavy machinery out here in place when they start to breakthrough this and figure out what to do next. we do expect that to happen later today. i want to give you a picture though from news chopper 2 of yesterday. just to remind you how massive this water main break was. you have a pipe that broke.
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that also led to the breaking of another 12-inch pipe. you have the two pipes that sent the water flowing down the street. we are told the 42-inch pipe was a newer pipe. only about a year old. they are still trying to figure out what exactly happened. if construction was part of the problem or what caused of caused it. obviously still quite a mess and still trying to figure out where to go from here. back out live you are taking a look inside this sink hole and the mud and dirt and debris that remains. this area is blocked off. it's mostly just this intersection but a block on either side of it as well. police out here to make sure no one comes through here. obviously they don't want anyone close. we have been trying to get ahold of the water department to figure out the exact plan for the day. we have not heard back from them yet. live in san francisco claudine wong ktvu channel 2 news. we want to update you on the developing news out of amsterdam where initial report
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says a plane had been hijacked. we are now learning that is not the case. we understand fighter jets escorted the -- amid fears of a hijacking. officials say that fear was due to a misunderstanding. the plane was heading from spain when it was intercepted and passengers were on board that plane. certainly more information will be coming to you. there are reports this morning of an internal e-mail from the nay have that show a possible cover up of radiation programs at bay island. health officials asked the military as recently as moi to increase radiation testing. the navy responded by asking health officials not to put their concerns in writing. back in august the navy announced for the first time some ships at the station could have been contaminated with radiation.
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school that prepared sailors for nuclear warfare may have left behind radio active residue. police are asking for help to find the man that impersonated a police officer and sexually assaulted a woman. on august 5th the woman heard a chirp of a siren and saw a flash of light. she pulled over. they say the man flashed a badge ordered her out of the car and handcuffed her. he put her in his car and drove a short distance awhat. the suspect is described as a white male in his late 20s or early 30s. he had a muscular build and had a police style hat. let's quickly go to sal. there are things happening in oakland and you have cameras and more information about this developing news. >> that is right. the mccarthur boulevard off ramp from eastbound 580 is shut down because of a death
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investigation here. the westbound or west mccarthur is shutdown. that is because of a death investigation. apparently a person ended up on the ground here below the scene here below the street which is up there. you can see that this is the area where they think this person was pushed or jumped or something else happened. trying to figure it out. but the onramp here in oakland -- twill in emery vail. this is the oakland emeryville border. let's take a look at the traffic on the westbound bay bridge. that is backed up for a moderate delay. about ten minutes here. looking a the the santa clara valley northbound 101 and 280 traffic looking good. 6:21 let's go to steve. thank you, sal. a very good morning. mostly clear skies. fog will increase on the coast. but it does look a little cooler by the waters edge today. high pressure gives inland temps another warm to hot day
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with 80s and 90s. again lots of sunshine inlapped. there is a lot a howling sea breeze yet. mainly 50s for most locations. system that is moving into the north won't make its impact felt until tomorrow. by the coast we are trying to see a little bit more fog. patchy fog. nice to warm to hot. depending on where you are from any fog influence. 60s and 70s and 80s. some 90s. things are back to normal but that is after a huge computer problem delayed hundreds of united airlines flights. what the airline says is to blame. damage at a north bay 7- eleven how that pickup truck ended up inside.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning new tsz. no one was hurt. elderly driver crashed into a 7- lech store. his truck smashed large windows and knocked items off the display shelves. fortunately no one was hurt. occupy protestors who was caught on camera throwing bricks at san francisco police scheduled to appear in court
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today. that is 34-year-old jesse nisbet. he is accused of hurl ling a brick and overments from a roof of a building during a protest back in may. no officers were injured but a patrol car was damaged. he faces five felony charges including assault with a deadly weapon. united airlines plays or flying this morning after big computer problems delayed about 200 flights. some of the united major computer systems and its website stopped working. that meant a lot of passengers had to be checked in manually causing long lines. united says it's been having problems with its computers since march. that is when they merged with continental. one passenger says she understands the ticket counter workers were frustrated but she was expecting more compassion. >> you are here as a tourist and baby you're on your own. that is not acceptable.
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>> united says it took almost three hours to get the computers up and running again. so far officials say they don't know what caused them to shut down in the first place. all right let's check in with sal for a look at traffic this morning. we definitely have trouble spots. >> that is right. we do have a look at some of the commutes and pam you mentioned that trouble spot on mccarthur off ramp from 580 eastbound. we will talk about that coming up. that ramp is closed for death investigation. let's talk about the south bay though. santa clara valley 280 northbound getting up to highway 17. this traffic is getting a little busier but it's not stop and go. you can still get a nice drive in the south bay on 17 and 280. 680 the same thing goes. 580 westbound is getting more crowded coming through dublin over the hill to castro valley. let's go to steve. sal, thank you. fog increasing on parts of the coast. it won't make much of an impact away from the coast. it does look a little cooler. temperatures we were fog free
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yesterday. almost from 99%. 60s and 70s coast and bay. still upper 10:s and low 90 -- upper 80s and low 90s. campus police investigate a bold and sad theft of electronics at uc berkeley. what the thieves got away with and why this is not the first time something like this happened. san jose firefighters are still on the scene of an overnight fire that had them watching closely for dangerous chemicals. why hazmat had to be on scene out here.
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. couple companies visiting the new york and the nasdaq exchange this morning. that is con med celebrating good financial quarter there on the nasdaq. overnight news not great. concerns about spain asking for and needing financial aid from
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the euro zone. investors may be waiting until friday. that is when we hear from ben bernanke. there is a lot of hope. we'll go ahead and smile and say good morning, to you. thank you for joining us here on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. i'm dave clark. >> and i'm pam cook. developing news in san jose. a hazmat team right now is at the scene of a huge early morning fire. this one started at a garden supply store. firefighters say they had concerns about possible toxins get into a local river. lorraine blanco has been there since 4:30. you have a pretty good look at that damage. >> reporter: dave, the building is a total loss. you can see the roof has collapsed but this is a 10,000 square foot property.
6:32 am
when you take a look at the charred building and then the beautiful flowers next to it, it's quite applejacks of position. the area manager told us when he got the call after midnight he thought it was a practical joke. because it's a plant nursery hazmat assisted in the site. at one point firefighters turned off their hoses to prevent toxic runoff into the river. >> there was a very small amount of runoff in that direction but he had all that tested by the hazardous materials team. they had very comprehensive testing devices and we have everything as ph neutral and we don't consider there is any concern for the surrounding neighborhood. >> reporter: there were no injuries and arson investigator
6:33 am
is on scene. back out here live you can see water on the set meant on the ground -- cement on the ground. the city citi is here right now. they -- the city is here right now. they will take the water off the ground to make sure there are any toxins out here. reporting live lorraine blanco. happening now hurricane isaac testing new orleans new levee system on this seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. i want to take you out there live. take a look. significant amount of rain. this is lake pontchartrain. you can see that isaac is certainly causing big wave there is. the water is heading right for that home there. as much as 20-inches in some areas. at this hour water is spilling over a levee some people that did not heed evacuation orders
6:34 am
are trapped inside their homes. they are waiting for rescue cuers. this morning we here from a man that is trapped in his attic with his wife and baby. >> i was able to get water and baby food. we have candles and we have food and water up here. we've got a bunch of dry towels and clothes i was able to save. >> isaac is moving at a very slow pace. it will dump a lot of rain for a long period of time. people in new orleans are being told to expect pounding rain all day and into tomorrow. more than 500,000 people are still without power across four states. help from the bay area is on the way to the gulf coast. 61 volunteers have been sent to the region. they will be station the in five states to assist those effected by hurricane isaac. volunteers in florida and texas will provide shelter and help. volunteers in louisiana, mississippi, and alabama are preparing to open some
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evacuation centers. time now 6:34. later today at the republican national convention in tampa, mitt romney's vice presidential running mate paul ryan will deliver his acceptance speech. last night the feature speckiester were mitt romney's wife ann and chris christie that delivered the keynote address. coming up at 6:45 the 25-year- old congressional candidate from leo die and his two minutes of fame at the convention. president obama will wrap up his two-day visit to college towns. he will make a stop in charlottesville, virginia today. the president appealed to younger voters yesterday at iowa state university and colorado state university. he told the students it was their support for them in 2008 that ended the war in iraq, stopped discrimination against gays in the military, and also kept student loan rates low. >> this week in tampa my opponents will offer you their
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agenda. don't boo, vote. [ cheering and applause ] now the democratic party holds their national convention beginning tuesday in charlotte, north carolina. overnight the victim of a drive by shooting in east oakland has died at highland hospital. he was shot at 7:00 last night. witnesses say shots were fired from two cars but police are still trying to confirm that information. the man died at high left-hand hospital. no information so far any possible suspects. thieves made off with more than two dozen ipads on the uc berkeley campus. tara moriarty is up live with what we are learning about this theft. tara. >> reporter: we are here at campus police headquarters where authorities are investigating this grand theft. a thieves broke into the lawrence hall of science monday. making off with 29 ipads. now police say it's a crime
6:37 am
along with other stolen items amounting to more than $13,000. the paper reports earlier this summer sometime between june 15th and august 10th an android electronic tablet and set of headphones were also stolen. in previous incidents campus police were able to track down stolen goods through craigs list and other websites but not the case this too many. fewer people are hawking items on the internet. checking on these websites is kind of a shot in the dark. in july burglars struck medical ford hall. in that case they made up a with 39 computers which police did recover later. we hope to receive an update coming up this morning. live from uc berkeley i'm tara moriarty. time now 6:37. we have traffic problems this morning. sal, has answers. 80 and everything d -- 880 and everything else that is going on. >> we are talking about a death investigation on the 580 off ramp from eastbound mccarthur
6:38 am
and also on the west mccarthur boulevard onramp. that is all closed because of a death investigation. apparently someone from the street fell or was pushed or we actually don't know yet down below. we are not going to show it down there. they are doing an investigation. it would be inappropriate to show what is going on. but there is a death investigation just below here and the police are on the scene along with chp. let's move along and take a look on 880 north and southbound. the traffic here looks pretty good if you are driving on north and southbound 880 it's not a bad drive near the coliseum. and this mornings commute on 101 and 280 and 85 north and southbound that traffic is moving along nicely. 6:38 let's go to steve. sal, thank you. a little bit more fog here. it is shallow but making a little bit more of an impact. creeping over the coastal hills. working its way up and down the coast. back to hurricane isaac though sustained winds 65.
6:39 am
oil rig reported gust os 75. it did top out at 80 miles an hour. as it moves on shore it will weaken. boy sit moving slow. it's 5-6 miles an hour. it looks like the path will take it near shreveport in 24 hours. there will be heavy duty rainfall. for us mostly quiet here. high pressure givings one more warm day to hot day inland. by the coast it will be a little cooler. sunny, mild. probably a it will breeze for the bay. still a lot of sunshine. 40s and 50s. a little cool for the north bay. a lot of 40s. 43 near sonoma. system move into the north will make its impact felt more so tomorrow. 60s to 90s though. 89 walnut creek. 9:brent -- 92 brentwood. 85 for milpitas. 60s on the coast.
6:40 am
60s the city. 70s to 80s in the peninsula. a little bit more fog and a cooler pattern all the way into saturday. looks like a rebound with your weekend always in view there on sunday. we are learning more details about that book that details the death of osama bin laden. the claims made that contradict the government's version of the raid. we still don't know exactly what caused it. we do know it left quite a mess in its wake. we'll show you the damage left behind for the water main break and tell you what is happening today. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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good morning, to you. welcome back. here's a quick look at some of the top stories we follows for you right now. hurricane isaac is just pounding new orleans this morning. the flood water there is are spilling over the top of a levee in one of the parishes. some of the residents are trapped in their homes. the coast guard is now waiting for things to get better before going in and trying to rescue anyone. back here at home san jose firefighters were battling these flames a little while ago. now they are watching for hot spots. these flames heavily damaged garden supply store. has mat team was also brought in because there were pesticides and fertilizers stored in that garden supply
6:44 am
store. firefighters allowed most of the chemicals to burn themselves out. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. and we're following this. this is a live picture you are looking at from oakland. there has been a fatal accident. it has closed the westbound 580 on and off ramp at west mccarthur boulevard. you can see they are carry away the victims body right now. investigators say this was a suspicious death. we'll bring you more details coming up at 7:00. families are still unable to return to their homes after a water main break caused a massive sink hole in san francisco. two pipes burst near the cal palace. it forced homes and neighboring schools to evacuate. claudine wong is live out there this morning with how it looks out there today and how long it will take to get things fixed. >> reporter: they are certainly going going to do a lot of assess the today.
6:45 am
they are still trying to figure out what caused this mess you can see behind me. what a mess it is. that is sink hole that is estimated to be 40 feet. we know it takes up this entire intersection and in that hole are the two pipes you were talking about. a 42 main distribution water main and another 12-inch pipe that was taken out by the massive water flow. you can take a look at the neighborhood around us. everyone has their power and their water back on. water came back on late last night and power came back on. for most people through the night but then they brought the generator out there this morning. right about 4:30 to get few remaining people that couldn't get back on the grid. the folks that are allowed back in their homes right now which is most of the folks out here, they do have power and water. there is still a handful of people that are not allowed back in. i want to give you a look at what it looks like when this water was flowing. tens of thousands of gallons of
6:46 am
water came rushing down the street. as you said they went into homes and the neighboring school. that pipe isn't very old. they have a lot of aging pipes in san francisco. that pipe was a year old. they are wondering what could have caused it. if it was a construction in the area or anything like that. that is certainly one of the investigations that will be under way this morning. i want to take you back out here live to the scene. talk about the school that is right next to the water main. this is some of the dirt that piles up into the door. that door leads to their parish hall. i spoke to the pastor here. he says they have clean up crews coming in. what it did is it effected their hall, gymnasium, and convent. they had to pull carpet. they have a cleaning crew coming to assess the damage. they had kids that were in class when this happened. they are not opening their classes until september 10th because of the massive amount of damage. so a lot of cleanup, a lot of
6:47 am
assessment. live here in san francisco claudine wong. our time now 6:46. new back about the raid that killed osama bin laden is raising new questions about how he was killed. now the author of the new book former u.s. navy seal says osama bin laden was shot in the head as he looked out his bedroom door. that is contradicting previous government reports that describe him as being shot as he possibly reached for a weapon. in another revelation contained reportedly in this new book u.s. officials previously said bin laden's body was treated with dignity before it was buried at sea. however the author of this book reportedly says navy seals ever was sitting on bin laden's chest as his body was being transported to the sea. republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan will take center stage later tonight at the republican national convention in tampa. ktvu alison burns reports it is
6:48 am
the biggest speech of ryan's career. >> dave, paul ryan is really not that known outside of political circles. this really is his big night in the spotlight. he arrived in tampa with his wife and kids yesterday. has a reputation of a number cruncher. tonight he will try to reach the rest of the country. he's expected to talk about his catholic middle class upbringing. mitt romney made a surprise appearance at the convention last night after his wife's ann's speech. >> this is our future. these are our children and grandchildren. you can trust mitt. >> reporter: new jersey governor chris christie is taking hit seemingly 20 talk more about himself than romney. ann lists say he injected much needed energy into the
6:49 am
construction hall. ricky gill addressed the crowd. he is challenging jeremy meg theory. >> i feel like i was projecting my community's voice. real honored to do that. >> reporter: more on why romney is leaving the convention this morning. reporting live from washington, d.c. alison burns ktvu channel 2 news. >> make sure you stay right here with ktvu for continuing coverage of the republican national convention. we've been streaming the convention on our channel 2 website and we'll continue to bring you live reports from tampa through tomorrow. if you are just joining us or getting ready to head out the door, sal has very important information you need to know first. sal. >> yeah. we do have a lot of stuff going on pam and dave. i want to show you some of the things we are watching. 580 westbound we have a problem here with a crash on the
6:50 am
shoulder at north flint. trying to get some more information. doesn't look like anyone was seriously injured. however, the traffic is slow coming into this part of the valley. no major problems after that. although it's busy and slow as you drive toward castro valley. hayward, unionty, fremont it's improved a little bit. there is a backup heading toward union city. it was worse a little earlier we had a couple crashes. let's move along and take a look at the bay bridge. that is backed up. it's pretty thick now. it's backed up from the mccarthur maze and the metering lights are on. i want to take a look at interstate 80 westbound it's also getting very crowded. especially here in berkeley. now to steve. thank you. we have a little bit more fog coming in. it's definitely making moreover an impact today than yesterday. that is not the case today. there is a little bit more on the coast.
6:51 am
first of all isaac is move swag the west of new orleans. moving in at 5-7 miles an hour. the biggest news will be the heavy rain. it did top out at 80 miles an hour. sustained winds right now about 65. it's back down to tropical status. and again it's moving inland and as it does, it's so slow it's producing incredible amounts of rain. so in the storm surge 6-11 feet. for us we'll have a little cooler pattern by the coast. high pressure gives us another warm to hot day inland. there is not much of a delta breeze yet. away from the coast 80s and 90s. some very cool readings in the north bay this morning compared to yesterday. a lot more 40s. mainly 50s. a little system move into the north. so that is a sign that a little cooler pattern for some today. everyone will get in on that cooler party tomorrow. 60s and 70s and 80s and low 90s. concord in there. antioch. but 74 oakland. 78 castro valley.
6:52 am
livermore still 80 degrees. 83 wood side. menlo park at 81. city 68. 60s on the coast expect santa cruz which will be upper 70s and low 80s. cooler pattern thursday and friday. little rebound on the temps sunday. time now 6:51. a big construction project kicks off in a couple minutes in the south bay. we'll tell you what it means for future bart riders. >> if you use twitter and send a tweet is that your tweet? by working people. the economy needs manufacturing. machines, tools, people making stuff. companies have to invest in making things. infrastructure, construction, production. we need it now more than ever. chevron's putting more than $8 billion dollars back in the u.s. economy this year. in pipes, cement, steel, jobs, energy.
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we need to get the wheels turning. i'm proud of that. making real things... for real. ...that make a real difference. ♪
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welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. a legal battle over who owns your tweets is making its way through the new york court system. twit sore fighting a judges order to hand over information to prosecutors about a man who was arrested during an occupy protest. twitter says its users own their content and have the right to fight invalid requests. the outcome could effect millions of twitter users. our time now 6:55. ktvu news has learned a lawsuit has been filed against a south bay school district where a former teacher is accused of child molestation. that teacher taught third grade in san jose. he was arrested in january. charged with sexually becausing five students. the family of one of the
6:56 am
children is now suing chandler a former principal and evergreen elementary school district. >> this is a standard bury your head in the sand effect. we didn't know, we couldn't take any action. >> ? there are claims that chandler molested kids and the school principal is charged with a misdemeanor count of failing to report. the principals lawyer said no one not the parents not the district nor my client who knew the details of the complaint believed it was an act of sexual abuse. end quote. the school district released a statement saying it wanted to assure the community it took very seriously any allegations of employee misconduct especially involving students. a court hearing is scheduled for a man charged with -- we are told that 21- year-old antolin torres will not be in court. instead will he will ask for
6:57 am
another postponement of a plea deal. volunteers will search again for him today. highway patrol cracking down on drivers that don't slow down for the cone zone this labor day weekend. the increase enforcement follows six deaths statewide in july. here in the bay area two people died when they crash into a construction zone in san ramon. state law requires drivers to slow down when you pass a work crew on a freeway. construction work begins today at the sight of the future milpitas bart station. transportation workers will begin demolishing the existing buildings to make way for a new station that will connect san francisco with silicon valley. let's check in with sal. how is the toll plaza doing? >> it's really crowded. the sun is blasting us here.
6:58 am
peninsula highway 101 traffic looks good. no problems. no problems with visibilities either. let's go to steve. >> we have a little bit more fog on the coast. cooler there still warm to hot. we'll have more coming up on mornings on 2. >> thank you. also coming up on mornings on 2 our continued coverage of isaac that made second landfall overnight. here are live pictures. hurricane isaac pounding new orleans oven the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. >> also a big overnight fire this one here at a san jose nursery. why these flames caused major health concerns.
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